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Coaching Packages

At Clear Child, your child’s diagnosis is the very beginning. We believe that every child deserves an immediate plan of action, access to on-going support, and help with specific challenges unique to their needs. We offer three unique coaching packages: Jumpstart Package, Journey Package, and Life Skills Package.

Jumpstart Package

5 sessions

30 / 60 min


Our JumpStart package gets everyone moving in the right direction. This package is designed to help support families in planning next steps after a recent diagnosis. These one-on-one sessions allow us to get down to specific issues and start working on them right away.

*Available in select states

    What’s Included

    3, 60 minute consultations

    2, 30-minute consultations

    With our Jumpstart Package, we will help you…

    • Identify the right therapy for your child based on your child’s unique profile of strengths and challenges
    • Get direct referrals to specialists who are experts in their field
    • Gain a better understanding of your child’s diagnosis, what to expect, and how to plan for the future
    • Coordinate care and alignment between schools, therapists, and other support providers
    • Access school services including IEP and 504 planning

    Find out if a Jumpstart Package is right for you

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      Journey Package

      8 sessions

       30 / 60 min


      Our Journey Package is designed to support your family every step of the way. As your child grows, evolves, and encounters new challenges, we will be there for you at anytime, anywhere. This package consists of 30-minute and 60-minute consultations tailored to your family’s needs. In this more continuous partnership, we’ll be able to dive deeper into specific issues and assist more thoroughly in the process.

      *Available in select states

      What’s Included

      • 6, 60 minute consultations
      • 2, 30-minute consultations

      With our Journey Package, we will help you…

      • Track your child’s progress and navigate roadblocks
      • Address new challenges and determine the best next steps
      • Learn specific strategies for improving behavior and functioning
      • Get help around specific issues

      Find out if a Journey Package is right for you

      or start with a Free Discovery Session

      Life Skills Package

      5 sessions

       60 min


      At Clear Child, we recognize that the needs and challenges of an individual can vary and change over time. Our Life Skills Package is intended for older teens and adults impacted by autism or ADHD. We provide education-based coaching for those who experience challenges impeding their path to personal success.

      *Available in select states

      What’s Included

      • 5, 60 minute consultations

      With a Life Skills Package, we can help individuals with…

      • Getting guidance on navigating career, family, and relationships
      • Practicing and reviewing social interactions with a skilled social coach
      • Identifying your strengths and increasing self-awareness

      Find out if a Life Skills Package is right for you

      or start with a Free Discovery Session

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