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INSAR 2019 International Society for Autism Research

Figure 2- 35343 Download Purchases of our textbook to date Dr. Willard and Dr. Kroncke were excited to attend the annual INSAR meeting in Montreal this May of 2019. Many renowned presenters confirmed the growing crisis around the world regarding a need for autism...

CLEAR is Developing a Diagnostic Measure for Autism

Dr. Kroncke and Dr. Reynolds review CADE AI CLEAR team members had the opportunity to meet with the esteemed Bill Reynolds, PhD, author of childhood and adolescent depression, suicide and bullying inventories. Dr. Reynolds is an expert in the field of school...

CLEAR is Taking the Steps to Lower the Age of Autism Diagnosis

Karen Landmeier MD in Fort Collins, CO CLEAR Child Psychology team members spent the day with Developmental Pediatrician Karen Landmeier in Fort Collins CO. Karen’s work as a pediatrician is unique because she evaluates children for autism rather than referring them...

CADE Workshop is a Success

Dr. Willard and Dr. Kroncke presented the first full day- 8 hour- workshop on the CLEAR Autism Diagnostic Evaluation (CADE) on November 17, 2018. This fall CLEAR has presented short symposiums to various audiences of school psychologists, social workers and community...

Children Helped by CLEAR Child Psychology’s Corporate In-Kind Donation

CLEAR Child Psychology partnered with the I Have a Dream foundation in Boulder to provide over $8,000 of pro bono psychological testing and evaluation services to middle school children in the Boulder area. Knowing that psychological testing is expensive and...

Social Skills Challenges? How Parents and Teachers Can Intervene to Help a Child Find Social Success

Looking for your next Parent Teacher Organization meeting topic? We’ve got the answer. We are Dr. Willard and Dr. Kroncke, authors and creators of the free framework We are licensed psychologists and nationally certified school psychologists who have...

Navigating Learning Disabilities

Looking for your next Parent Teacher Organization meeting topic? We can help! Parents and teachers often have questions about the terminology around learning needs for children. Such as… What is a Learning Disability? How is it the same or different from Dyslexia or a...

Writing Problems, How Can Help

Looking for your next Parent Teacher Organization meeting topic? We’ve got the answer. We all want our children to be successful at school. But when they are struggling, it can be hard to know where to turn. We can help. We are Dr. Willard and Dr. Kroncke, authors and...

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Telepsychology?

Telepsychology is the term used to refer to any psychological services that have a web-based component. Telepsychology has advantages and disadvantages in practice. The obvious advantages for the client are convenience, accessibility and timeline. A client can seek...

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