Autism Clues: Does my little kid have autism?

by | Last updated Jan 25, 2021

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We’re loving that the NY Times is giving autism some time in the spotlight, and we love that they are encouraging folks to see a doctor with concerns. However, we know from our clinical practice that families can get confused if the focus is only on a short list of stereotypical symptoms.  

In our practice, we find that autism clues can vary by age. That’s why we created this series highlighting tips for recognizing autism in early childhood, school-aged kids, and teens. 

Autism Clues in Little Kids

For young children, a year-old, 2 years old, even maybe a 3 year old, look for delayed language and even more importantly look for delayed social language

How is language being used? Is it just for sound, for repetitive rhythm, or is language being used by your child to request, to connect, to share enjoyment?

You may even see nice vocabulary developing but a lack of social language. This feeling that your child is in his or her own world is an indicator.

As a parent, do you have to stand on your head to get your child to smile or laugh? Does it seem impossible to get his or her eye contact or attention? If you point to something in excitement, does your child look at what you are pointing to and look at you to see your reaction?

If your child does not respond easily in these situations, if your child is in his or her own world, it is a good idea to have an assessment.

CLEAR Child can help. Don’t take “wait and see” for an answer. Follow up with CLEAR or another psychologist who specializes in development. Contact us today to learn more about our approach to assessment, management, and coaching.

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