Autism Clues: Recognizing Autism at Any Age

by | Last updated Jan 25, 2021

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The NY Times is giving autism some time in the spotlight. We love that they are encouraging folks to see a doctor with concerns. We also know that families can get confused if the focus is only on a short list of stereotypical symptoms.

If you believe your child is exhibiting any of the below symptoms, do not be satisfied with a suggestion to “wait and see” if things get better.

Autism symptoms can vary greatly by individual and by age.

Is your child in early childhood?

If so, here are some signs and symptoms.

  • Language Delay
  • In Their Own World

Is your child in elementary or middle school?

If so, here are some signs and symptoms you might see.

  • Dislike Changes in Routine
  • Inflexible in School Settings
  • Poor Perspective Taking

Is your child in high school?

If so, here are some signs and symptoms in teens.

  • Low Personal Insight
  • Few Realistic Personal Goals
  • Struggles with Self Advocacy
  • Struggles to Develop Close Relationships

We encourage families to say no to any recommendation to “wait-and-see.” Instead, seek more information if you have concerns for your child. CLEAR Child can help!

Contact us to schedule a FREE 20-minute discovery session to understand what’s going on with your child.

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