Why Clear Child?

by | Apr 3, 2020

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Given this crisis of kids who need help and no one to help them…what did we do? We created a visual model and a framework of symptoms that put things in terms EVERYone can understand. We digitized the assessment method we use to do virtual on-line evaluations.  Soon, we’ll be opening up this parent portal that allows you, as a parent, to have the very same tools in your hands that we use to assess kids for various social, developmental, academic, and behavioral issues. Using a tool like this, you can figure out exactly how to help your child lead the best possible life. Because we knew, even before this “social distancing” era had dawned, that it is high time to help kids from the comfort of home. We knew that parents could use Zoom and FaceTime to get quick answers for their kids and psychological consultations. We were already doing it!  Why did we create this platform? Pretty much every family we meet has encountered push-back, roadblocks, and blind alleys as they try to get answers for their kids.  When looking for therapy, parents often feel lost, alone and judged.  Parents are not sure where to turn as their kids get in trouble at school, in conflicts with family members, or run home yelling, “I have no friends!” In the midst of this pain and confusion, it is next to impossible to find someone who knows how to help you and can actually do so in a short timeframe.  Here at CLEAR Child, we say NO MORE.  We are so glad you are here. We created this tool for you. With CLEAR Child, you can help your child right NOW from the comfort of your home.

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