The Validity of CADE

by | Last updated Mar 1, 2021

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All of us at Clear Child Psychology are excited to share about a recently submitted academic study about our CADE tool. Researchers at the University of Colorado studied the utility and validity of CADE and submitted their manuscript to a major autism journal for publication. Researchers found the reliability to be excellent and the validity to be high in comparison to other autism measures. In addition, they examined CADE’s ability to properly differentiate autism from other diagnostic conditions.

The study found that race, gender, and age did not play a role in the diagnostic accuracy of CADE. They further found that kids with lower IQ scores and ASD had more symptoms of autism — findings which are consistent with other research.

The researchers identified the utility and practicality of CADE as a tool that can be used over telehealth, and without the training requirements of the well-regarded autism assessment measure, the ADOS. 

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