Telehealth: Families benefit from unique healthcare approaches

by | Last updated Apr 8, 2021

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Telehealth offers a unique clinical experience

Years ago, we opened our doors with telehealth. It was a totally new model to our clinicians and our families, but we knew we needed it. For several years up to that point, we had been serving families in offices and schools, and we wanted more flexibility. Telehealth offered advantages for families of unique children and we believed it could help us serve more families than ever.

How telehealth helps families

We worked hard to develop a process that could benefit all the different families who had frustrations with the typical clinical experience. Here are the struggles we saw families experiencing before telehealth…

    • Parents got the runaround from providers without receiving any answers
    • Rural families had no access to local clinicians
    • Working parents had trouble managing multiple schedules to make appointments work 
    • Single parents of multiple children had trouble getting their unique child the care they needed while trying to care for the others

Sure enough, our very first telehealth client told us a story about waiting to see a neurologist with her child screaming in the waiting room. They were both stressed out. Then, she was told that the child didn’t have the right diagnosis to qualify for the appointment anyway. They went through the stress of making the appointment, traveling there, waiting, and then getting turned without even getting to see a doctor. That mom told us that our virtual process was more personal and more real. She shared that it was a far better fit for her family than anything else she had encountered. Unique children need unique approaches, and telehealth worked for that mom’s children!

Telehealth appointments are less stressful

So many families to date have shared similar stories. They praise the benefit of doing meetings and consultations from home. Virtual appointments are great for clinicians, too, because it allows us to see children in their natural environment. They prevent parents from enduring the stress and frustration of travel. And it also helps prevent them from waiting for appointments that often end up feeling like dead-ends.

Thanks to our unique virtual approach, we can see more families in a day and can break sessions up into reasonable time slots. Long appointments don’t always create the best assessment environment. Instead of expecting a unique child to hang with us for hours at a time, we can break sessions up into 30-minute or 1-hour increments. Telehealth virtual services allow us to take a family from first concern to diagnosis much faster than traditional in-office methods. With these virtual services, families spend less time waiting for appointments and less time waiting for a diagnosis. Families experience overall less stress in the telehealth process.

Our telehealth tool, CADE, enables us to create a detailed profile for each child. It allows us to offer guidance and support for families in a way that is convenient for them. This is a new and innovative way to think about diagnosis and to offer evaluations. The telehealth process reduces stress for families and children that are already leading chaotic lives, and it offers answers and support in a timely and digestible way. Maybe telehealth is a fit for your family too!

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