Sharing Results: What should I say to my kid?

by | Last updated Jan 25, 2021

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Short Tips for Using CADE: Talking with Your Child

Today’s short tip is all about talking with your child about their current strengths and their areas for growth. Within CADE, you can work with your child’s team to develop a profile across 11 domains of skills. This process will allow you to show visuals while you talk with your child about strengths and weaknesses using clear language and examples. Start with strengths and be honest about your child’s weaknesses. Work to build confidence in your child, and convey that there are ways to improve in areas needing growth. Remind your child that there are also ways members of your child’s team, like teachers, coaches, therapists, etc., can help them get better in weaker skill areas. 

This 3-minute video from Dr. Anna Kroncke will get you inspired to start the conversation. 

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