Sharing Results: Should I share with the school?

by | Last updated Jan 25, 2021

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In most cases, it can be very helpful to share the results of your child’s evaluation with the school. Schools are bound by FERPA and required to allow only those working directly with your child to have access to this data. 

Knowing that your child has a true deficit, not just an “unwillingness to try” can really shift perspective on how team members provide support for a child. 

Why You Might Share Your Child’s Results

In a good psychological evaluation, there will be detailed recommendations for your child’s school team and data to support the need for those services. In most cases, your provider will indicate that you should share that information and work together with the school team to develop a plan that supports your child’s learning and happiness in school.

Another important note on sharing results of an evaluation with your school relates to a school’s responsibility when provided an “outside report” or report not completed by the school itself. 

What Schools Do With Reports

Schools must accept this report as data, they must consider the data, but they are not required to implement recommendations or accept the data for their own purposes. In many cases, a school team will welcome this data as it can save the school time and resources if another entity has already done a thorough assessment. 

A school will always conduct their own evaluation of areas of learning, like reading, writing and math. The school may also use data you provided, but they are not required to do so. 

Unique CLEAR Advantage

When CLEAR writes report recommendations, we have the unique position of having worked as school psychologists and knowing what kinds of services can be provided at school. We work to make our recommendations easy to digest and easy to implement, noting that schools may and are likely to also collect some of their own data in this process. 

Our CEO, Dr. Marcy Willard, has particular expertise in working with school teams in a collaborative manner to be sure that private testing results can be integrated into the school RTI process, 504 Plan, or IEP. We don’t have unrealistic expectations for schools. We provide recommendations that can be and most of the time are implemented.

In the case that parents or caregivers are not interested in pursuing any school-based supports or services, a family may choose not to share the results of an evaluation. If a child’s symptoms are so mild that he or she does not need any support at school, you wouldn’t have a need to share a report. It is always a family’s choice whether or not to share such a report.

It is also possible for a family to request a version of a report with only some pages or sections depending on what they are comfortable sharing. Again it is often a great help to share data with the school, but families have the final say.

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