Training & Assessment Automation

Clear Child Psychologists have presented at many professional conferences and meetings, trained parents and educators and provided professional development for school districts. Some topics of interest may be “Autism Spectrum Disorder”, “Working with a Gifted and Talented Population”, “Autism Interventions for Teachers”, “ADHD, Autism and Anxiety in Preschoolers”, “Parent-friendly Interventions for ADHD and Autism Spectrum”, “Supporting LGBT Teenagers with Disabilities”, and “Helping Parents Navigate the Individuals with Disabilities in Education (IDEA) Regulations”.

In the Fall of 2018 Dr. Willard and Dr. Kroncke are piloting a manualized training for clinicians on Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders. This training is based on 16 modules that delve into comorbid and differential diagnosis across 11 areas of development and mental health. This training is meant to help clinicians tackle comprehensive assessment of autism taking all areas of need into consideration and to help clinicians provide targeted and appropriate recommendations to the families they serve.