Comprehensive Psychological Assessments

An assessment is designed to be brief and to evaluate relevant concerns to determine interventions and supports for your child and to make a diagnosis, should your child meet diagnostic criteria for an educational or mental health disability or exceptionality. Identifying a disability or exceptionality may open the door to help you access community, medical, mental health or school supports for your child (or for yourself). Assessment data can help identify the reason your child is struggling so that recommendations can be tailored to a specific learning profile.

We do these assessments in a flexible model adding additional testing as needed to keep your costs affordable. We do not accept insurance for our assessments, this allows us to keep our costs low for families. Currently many insurance companies do not cover web-based assessments or services for mental health.

Following completion of the assessment a detailed report is provided outlining results, data and recommendations moving forward. Our psychologists have provided thousands of psychoeducational, psychological and neuropsychological evaluations to children and adults in school and private settings across their careers. We are considered experts in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders and have experience across a wealth of mental health and educational domains.