A Message to School Psychologists

We Have Walked In Your Shoes

We know that a school team’s responsibility is to create an environment in which a child can access their education.

Schools are not tasked to solve all of the mental and behavioral health needs in this country, and yet at times we are the only people out there helping a child and their family.

At Clear Child we believe in community school partnership.

We developed a tool that takes data from school, home and community providers and brings that together to determine a child’s unique profile.

We use a telehealth model that allows us to help more children in a timely manner and allows families to access help from the comfort of home.

In a COVID world this has been more appealing to families than ever. We look forward to getting to know you and to offering support to your families.

Warm Regards,

Anna and Marcy

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    “We love love love CADE – it is the most helpful measure we own. Thank you for your work in creating it!”

    – Annie, Psy.D., NCSP

    What Families Get with CADE

    CADE is a diagnostic assessment tool that helps families get the help they need for their child.

    A Portrait of Skills and Needs

    Find out what is going on with your child and why; see a graphical picture of your child’s abilities and needs across all the essential areas of development

    Therapy Navigation

    Get immediate guidance in the sea of services available; know exactly what will help your child

    Diagnostic Clarity

    Get a signed report from a licensed clinical psychologist that will support you in getting access to therapies and school services

    Customized Roadmap

    See a clear path forward for how to help your child thrive at school, at home, and in the community

    Education and Understanding

    Look at your child’s unique constellation of skills in a clear and accessible way; learn how to share your child’s needs with clinicians and schools

    Progress Monitoring

    Our formula: Expedited, detailed and nuanced diagnostic assessment + science backed, prescriptive therapies and interventions = Measurable progress and improvements in happiness and functioning

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