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by | Last updated Jan 25, 2021

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Check out this recent testimonial below!

Dr. Marcy Willard just helped this family monitor their daughter’s progress using our CLEAR Child assessment tool, CADE.

With CADE, a parent can assess progress from the time of their initial evaluation as they progress through therapies (4 months later, 6 months later, etc.). This process can help a family monitor growth and celebrate skills as their child develops them.

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Thanks so much for sharing this. This is the best thing I have read all year. There are so many people to thank for this (including my wife and the ABA instructors). The remote diagnosis from Clear Child Psychology was an event which became the golden key which unlocked all of the progress which my daughter has made. The CADE framework made it possible to both initially assess, and also now reassess, such that we can make comparisons over time. The report is so great to read. Day over day, progress can be hard to see (especially over two years) and it can be a source of doubt sometimes. But with the CADE framework teaching us what to look for, all the wonderful progress is brought into sharper focus and summarized. No doubts now, I know we are doing the right things for our daughter. You have taken us from “what could be wrong?” to “what might be?” and I have fresh hope and a sense of what might be possible. Thank you so much. 

Thank you for all that you and your colleagues do. The impact is far-reaching and long-lasting.

– A very thankful dad

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