Our validation study (2 of 3)

by | Last updated Jan 25, 2021

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Key Points from Our Validation Study

It can take a long time to complete any kind of psychological evaluation. Time that your family spends waiting for answers.

“Factoring in the entire clinical ASD evaluation process, from initial consultation to testing to report writing, clinicians work on a particular case over an average of 152 days (Ahlers et al., 2019).”

There are many screeners out there for autism. “The development of new screeners continues, although many recent additions fail to address children over the age of 3 years.” These tend to be for very young children and in some cases the data does not show that widely used screeners are effectively identifying children who need support.

CADE can identify concerns and guide families to the right kind of support. “This research is particularly promising because this measure is faster than traditional approaches, which may potentially reduce waitlists, allow for earlier detection and increase the accuracy of diagnosis for patients. This novel instrument could be a meaningful contribution to the families who are facing a diagnosis of ASD and in need of appropriate therapies to enable better outcomes for their children.”


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