Our validation study (1 of 3)

by | Last updated Jan 25, 2021

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Key Points from Our Validation Study

Autism rates are increasing. Families are often waiting a long time for an evaluation to determine if their child has a diagnosis. While they wait, families are unsure how to help their child. 

The current diagnostic assessment process overburdens families and fails to provide children with ready opportunities to improve their outcomes. Moreover, the burden of waiting impacts familial quality of life and also decreases satisfaction with the healthcare process. When told to “wait and see,” families report frustration and decreased satisfaction with the current process. The risk of mental health problems for caregivers increases, and the family’s quality of life can decrease due to challenges associated with problem behaviors and limited social outlets (e.g., McMorris et al., 2013).

Read more about our study validating CADE, which we created to provide families with resources and answers to make a difference right away. No longer do families have to “wait and see.” You can take positive steps today!


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