Options for Remote Autism Assessment

by | Last updated Apr 2, 2021

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Remote Autism Assessment

The Testing Psychologist Podcast interviewed us about remote autism assessment

Many of us have adopted remote assessment options for cognitive and behavioral assessment, but autism remains the final frontier during COVID-19 simply because many of us rely on in-person, non-socially distanced interactions to make accurate autism diagnoses.”

– Dr. Jeremy Sharp

Dr. Sharp’s podcast is widely distributed for a reason. He does his homework and only recommends practices he has researched and tried for himself. Episode 124 of The Testing Psychologist only four technology solutions available in the remote assessment space, and ours is one of them. In the episode …
  • Dr. Sharp describes the CADE utility of allowing for multiple rater inputs from teachers, parents, and therapists.
  • He also shares the ‘cool feature’ within CADE that provides auto-generated recommendations based on symptom profiles.

Get more insights by listening to the full episode

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