Is Your Child Having Trouble with Writing?

by | Last updated Sep 22, 2020

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Maise stares at the blank page. She’s 7 and doing a morning writing assignment. She’s been staring at that page for 6 minutes now. She just can’t get started! The teacher is about to ask to see her work, and she has nothing to show. Maise starts to panic.

Is your child having trouble with writing?

If you ask your child what he or she likes about school, is writing the very last on the list?

Many children dislike writing or find it very difficult.

Why is writing so hard?

The issue with writing is that it requires so many skills to work simultaneously.

For example, your child has to be able to tell a story (Narrative Coherence), express his ideas (Expressive Language), remember words and how to spell them (Visual Encoding), use fine motor coordination skills to physically write letters (Handwriting & Dexterity), and to stay calm in the face of frustration and difficulty (Self-Regulation & Anxiety).

These are all complicated processes. If you think one of the issues above really challenges your child, check out the article link. We also have an article right here just on writing. 

We’re here to help! 

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