General Anxiety

by | Last updated Jan 27, 2021

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Jesse (age 5) says “There’s a ghost in my room. I feel scared.” We taught him the Ghostbusters song, and now he walks around the house saying, “dun-nu-na-nu-na… I ain’t afraid of no ghost!”

Is your child constantly worrying about everything? 

Is he saying “what if…” all the time? 

Is she always worried that something bad will happen to her parents? 

Some children are very sensitive and internalize many worried thoughts and feelings. Children who worry a lot may have a sensitive temperament. 

The good news is that while anxiety is often readily contagious among family members, anxiety is highly treatable. 

Family strategies, as well as individual support for your child, can make a big difference for anxious kids. 

If you haven’t already, check out or for great meditation options for older children and teenagers, and for parents too! For books, our favorite is From Worrier to Warrior, a book that reminds us our fears, like worry monsters, are not as scary as we make them out to be in our own minds.

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