The COVID pandemic has brought change to every family, and those impacted by autism are particularly vulnerable. We have been doing tele-health evaluations and counseling for families with autism for years. CLEAR supports families and clinical providers in rural areas and healthcare deserts through telepsychology. We are ready to help families deal with their current issues in mental and behavioral health and even move forward on their path to their best possible life in these difficult times.

For Families: Direct supports including rapid assessments, video counseling, and knowledge libraries. All featured content is relevant to the current situation to help these families better deal with the isolation that they are experiencing. This support includes immediate counseling on strategies parents can employ at home to help their children grow in their social and behavioral health now and in the future. We offer a free month of subscription and we have reduced our telehealth consultation pricing.

For Clinicians: Free training in telehealth practices, as well as free access to our digital health platform for consult and diagnosis. Contact us to learn more.