Children Helped by CLEAR Child Psychology’s Corporate In-Kind Donation

by | Last updated Jan 25, 2021

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CLEAR Child Psychology partnered with the I Have a Dream foundation in Boulder to provide over $8,000 of pro bono psychological testing and evaluation services to middle school children in the Boulder area.

Knowing that psychological testing is expensive and inaccessible to many families, CLEAR Child Psychology is committed to providing quality services to the community. This partnership with I Have a Dream was an excellent opportunity to do just that.

CLEAR is passionate about helping children and their families and had a wonderful time meeting and working with many exceptional and hardworking children.

I Have A Dream (IHAD) of Boulder County

The I Have a Dream (IHAD) of Boulder County ( is an affiliate of the national nonprofit foundation.

IHAD is dedicated to improving the low graduation rate for low-income youth. IHAD provides students with equal access to opportunities, both educational and career, that will, to use words from their vision statement, “ignite their innate potential.”

 CLEAR Child Psychology

CLEAR Child Psychology ( is a primarily web-based psychological practice that launched this summer to provide Clinical Expertise that is Accessible and Reliable (CLEAR).

The practice’s licensed clinical psychologists are also nationally certified school psychologists, giving them a unique perspective on the interplay between positive psychological outcomes and academic success.

CLEAR has a passion to reduce the time from first parent concern to diagnosis. They want to guide children quickly to the path to treatment and maximize their potential for optimal outcomes.

CLEAR is happy to partner with IHAD to help find the right school and community support for children with educational and emotional needs.

CLEAR Commitment

CLEAR is committed to improving children’s lives by increasing their chances for success.

At CLEAR, we believe that no one should have to wait a long time for help for their child no matter their financial resources. Everyone deserves access to mental health and developmental and educational support.

Each family CLEAR worked with received relevant diagnoses for their child and recommendations for school and community treatment. These services will lead to targeted interventions that can result in better student outcomes.

Contact CLEAR

The mission of CLEAR Child Psychology is to shorten the time from first concern to diagnosis, free families from the burden of unknowing, and set kids on a path toward happy and fulfilling lives.

CLEAR is accepting new clients. Please contact CLEAR at 303-222-7923 or visit our website ( to learn more about our psychological services.

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