CADE Educators

CLEAR Autism Diagnostic Evaluation for Teachers, Counselors and Schools

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world

Hello heroes in education for people with autism and other neurodevelopmental disabilities!  We are happy to serve you while you serve so many kids who need you so much! 

Whether you know autism well or not, it is almost impossible to work in a school and not see a lot of kids with autism nearly every day. Knowing this, CLEAR is determined to help you get kids identified and connected to the services they need to find academic success and live happy lives. 

To do just that, our team has developed simple and streamlined approaches for identifying children within the schools. More importantly, our assessment model leads directly to the interventions and services that are appropriate for children with ASD. 

You can:

  • attend a 2 day course to become familiar with clinical assessments for autism,
  • attend a 1 day course on school based identification,
  • attend a course on interventions for specific diagnostic profiles.

Following this training, you would be connected with our Community of Certified Clinicians such that you could make referrals for therapy, diagnosis, or other services in your area. Also, through this community, you can ask questions and collaborate on tough cases.

Your work matters to the kids, and we are here to help you work the many miracles you do every day. 

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