CADE in Adult Populations

CLEAR Autism Diagnostic Evaluation Training for Adult Populations

Every adult, whether he is a follower or a leader, a member of a mass or an elite, was once a child

Ever felt under qualified to do an autism assessment with an adult?

Wondered how to handle the spotty developmental history provided by your client?

Had difficulty differentiating between autism, trauma or a personality disorder?

CADE in Adult Populations is an advanced course and is meant to follow our 2 day CADE training course. This course focuses on the nuance of assessing adult populations, differentiating symptoms for differential or comorbid diagnosis and making informed diagnostic decisions when a wealth of developmental history may not be available.

This training is unique in its emphasis on the adult population with ASD which is an under-served population. Many adults seek diagnostic clarification and are turned away time and time again by clinics who serve children but do not feel clinically competent to assess autism in an adult.

Your Instructors

Dr. Kroncke and Dr. Willard are first authors on the popular textbook Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Critical issues in Clinical, Forensic, and School Settings, edited by Randy Kamphaus. They have assessed adults and children on the Autism Spectrum and made many difficult rule out diagnoses to help guide adults to the appropriate supports and services in a time of great need.

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