Autism in the Workplace: Strengths

by | Last updated Jan 25, 2021

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Adults on the autism spectrum are often very honest, direct, hard working, and comfortable with remote work. In our work with adults, we often hear from them that the job is great but that the social nuances of navigating the day-to-day office social network are tough. We hear that some of our clients are overlooked for promotions because they struggle to play social games or read what is unsaid during team meetings. For many adults on the spectrum, the office is a bigger stressor than the job itself.

For parents of kids on the spectrum, they may find comfort in their child’s aptitude in school, work ethic, and honesty. Parents often tell me they are not worried that their child on the spectrum will sneak out of the house, try illicit drugs, or drink alcohol because the rules suggest they should not do these things. Being able to trust your child’s honesty is huge for a parent, and parents may see that in the future their child may be very successful at work and may find a job with a balance of remote work that really suits their personality and their needs. 

In the time of Coronavirus, this tech company finds that having a workforce who is overwhelmingly made up of individuals on the Autism Spectrum is a big asset. 

P.S. Did you know our new parent portal just went live? Cheers to that!

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