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Dr. Kroncke and Dr. Willard are first authors on a wildly successful autism assessment textbook published by Springer Publishing in 2016 and having sold over 30,000 copies to date.  This book was edited by well-known assessment researcher and author Dr. Randy Kamphaus who co-created the international and widely used assessment tool, the Behavior Assessment System for Children (BASC), now in its 3rd edition. Moreover, the autism assessment textbook also includes valuable information on forensic assessment from well-known neuropsychologist, Dr. Helena Huckabee. Finally, contributions to the school psychology chapters from researcher and clinical professor Dr. Jessica Reinhardt also add to the validity of this text for its role in training new psychologists and clinicians in the field of autism assessment.

Dr. Kroncke and Dr. Willard’s intention was to produce a practical textbook to provide a reliable and accessible method to diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder in clinics, schools and doctor’s offices.  Feedback to date has been very positive with many practicing psychologists telling us that the text has been invaluable in their day to day work in the field.