2020 So Far: Catching Up with CLEAR Child

by | Last updated Jan 25, 2021

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What a year! It seems like a really long year, like January was ages ago, and it is only just May. In January, our team was working hard to expand some of our virtual CADE offerings, like progress monitoring tools for parents and clinicians and expanding some of our resources like webinars, videos, and articles. The picture above is from a team dinner, which feels like it was in a different world. We were still training clinician teams in person, and even in February, we spoke to a group of 50-100 clinicians live.

With COVID-19, we pivoted all our work to a virtual space, lucky that we had been a telepsychology practice with a virtual summary diagnostic tool, CADE. We began consulting with clinicians and offering CADE subscriptions for free during this pandemic. We decided to launch our parent platform in CADE. We had everything ready such that we were eager for our Founding Families, as we call our Beta parent users, to delve into our system, our content and our assessments to provide feedback and try it all!

Finally, at the end of April we were ready for parent subscribers. We are offering parent subscribers a free month to try our parent portal, to use our assessment tools and take advantage of the resources in the system. https://clearchildparent.com/parent-signup/

In May, we continue to connect with and offer our CADE tool to clinicians who are navigating autism assessment virtually. We continue to add features, webinars, and articles to our platform. We work on system improvements for clinicians to organize data and for parents to have customized content come directly to them, based on their child’s profile. We are continuing to see families and clinicians sign up for CADE. We are also working with school psychologists to navigate virtual services and plan for the upcoming school year with changes and expectations that are completely new as they work to serve children.

CLEAR is adapting and persevering to serve families and clinicians while also homeschooling our own kids and working to keep our own families safe. Wishing health and safety to all of you! Please connect! Try our virtual tools and let us know what you think! https://clearchildparent.com/parent-signup/

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