“Our validation study was a big success! After rigorous content review utilizing feedback from subject matter experts, and a series of item edits, CADE was tested across multiple clinical sites with several psychologists  (N=191). We used logistic regression to determine the accuracy in predicting a diagnosis of autism. 
We got great results! The scale is 96% accurate in predicting autism.  Scores on CADE were 98 % consistent with ADOS results in terms of diagnosis. Reliability was also excellent with Cronbach’s Alpha at .95. 
                                                                                                                                                                Bearing in mind that this scale takes half the time of a brick and mortar clinic, these results are even more exciting.”

Dr. Marcy Willard, Update on CADE, July 2019

Whether your challenge is choosing and running the assessments, analyzing data, testing more kids in less time, writing reports, or training students in your practice, CADE  can help. CADE  is a platform to aid in the autism diagnostic process.  It is built using state of the art software techniques with an underlying use of an Agile methodology to ensure that it meets your needs in a time frame that works for you.  It utilizes a proprietary, automated workflow, combined with your expertise, to intelligently guide you through the assessment process. It provides a wealth of relevant articles, videos and other educational resources organized around the CADE Framework’s eleven assessment areas:

  1. Understanding
  2. Learning
  3. Communicating
  4. Socializing
  5. Daily Living
  6. Moving and Sensing
  7. Focusing
  8. Remembering
  9. Organizing
  10. Feeling 
  11. Behaving 

Finally, CADE  aids in the creation of detailed assessments and reports, uniquely tailored providing just the right information for practicing professionals and parents alike.

We know you are doing everything in your power to help kids with various challenges. We make your life easier so you can make their lives easier.

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